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ISAG Ltd.(Srl) was born in 1991 under Armaroli’s family will and intuition, but also due to the boost given by automotive cluster from Piedmont area. The company presents itself on the market as a SME, characterized by an artisan manufacturing, mainly oriented to the molding of rubber, rubber-metal components and silicone compounds.

Thanks to many collaborations with new clients, ISAG Ltd. developped the capability to operate in other differentiated sectors: not just the automotive one, but also building (especially in lifts’ area), fashion, textile, food and toy industries.

One of the the company’s strenghts is, certainly, the flexibility: with artisanal features and a long experience in the sector, Isag Ltd. is able to cover the most complex needs of the customers, offering high quality products, produced with care in every phase of the process.

Moreover, since 2017, it has been embraced the digitalized production by adopting new machinery and rules following the 4.0 discipline.

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