We handle different compounds, coming entirely from italian suppliers, like for example: NBR, HNBR, FKM, EPDM, AEM ACM,VMQ, silicone and food rubber compounds.
Our machine fleet, consisting of injection moulding machines ranging from 80 to 500 tons, allows us to produce a wide range of items, from less than a gram up to 3/4 Kg. We also have a rotary 4.0 oven for the post-vulcanization, so that the characteristics of the material used can be fully reproduced.


For the maintenance and cleaning of the moulds, we use an ultrasonic immersion tank and a sandblasting machine.


Our visual and manual testing department checks and intercepts any non-conformity on the product, before deliver it to the customer.


In our laboratory we perform:

  • production and sampling conformity checks according to current standards and customer specifications with measuring equipment and field tests.
  • CAD design for a better development of customer’s demand